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Strategy Branding Innovation Strategy Branding Innovation

Strategy, Branding and Innovation Agency

We transform your business.

We guide your brand to success.

We show your brand to the world.

At Artik Grup, we have a common denominator: we accompany you in discovering, defining and achieving the goals of your business.

Our method is based on making decisions with maximum information and having clear short, medium, and long-term objectives. We analyze, study and define actions globally because it is our way of understanding success. And it is proven to work.



Analysis and research phase where we work with all the information provided by the client. We hold meetings, video calls, briefings, conduct competitive analysis, and study the brand’s areas of operation. Alongside the client and their teams, we gather and expand the initial information of the project.



In this phase, taking into account all the information gathered during the Discovery phase, we plan, strategize, and determine all the important aspects of the project. For example: channels, conversion funnels, internal workflows, brand platform, content marketing, and more. 



This is a key phase of the projects where all the elements defined in the Strategy are built, and everything takes shape. From Naming and corporate identity to the development of the digital ecosystem, brand content, and other assets.



Our multidisciplinary team can assist you in executing the project. We will carry out, with rigor, consistency, and professionalism, all the steps defined in the Create phase. We have experience in all the necessary areas to develop the different phases.



If there’s one thing that should always be done, it’s rethinking. We analyze the data, the results of different actions, and determine what adjustments need to be made within each phase: Thinking, Create, and Doing. Projects are dynamic because the market, clients, and environment are constantly changing. Therefore, analysis is necessary to readjust and stay focused on the objectives, ensuring that we don’t lose track of them.