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ProTreball · Ajuntament de Manresa




From Protreball, the Local Employment Service of Manresa City Council, we were given the task of proposing and structuring a new web architecture, to renew the one they used to have.

As a public service, Protreball offers people who are unemployed or who are actively looking for a job, different services to improve their employment situation (training, job exchange, occupational programs…). Therefore, there was a need to renew the web image and make the navigation easier for users.

From Artik, we applied our Discovery phase, essential to analyze the current situation of the organization, get to know their audience and be able to come up with a strategy according to their needs.

As a result, we organized the website to provide a logical and functional structure to users (both job seekers and recruiters) that should allow them to navigate and interact efficiently and effectively through all the content and the main functionalities of the page.

Finally, we proposed and developed the Look&Feel of the website, the graphic and conceptual part, where the core concepts, the weights of each section, the distribution of the menu, the flows, and the new design were established.

You can see the result at