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Martekplace Registration. IT Integration.


We could say that @livingthisbikelife was born in a motocross circuit, one of the things that hooked all the Artik Grup team.

Graphic design, motorcycles, and bicycles are the components that make up the business of this company, which initially started by designing kits to customize helmets and motorcycles for individuals. Today, they have grown to serve clients as prominent as Husqvarna Spain, KTM Spain, and Monster Energy Europe, among others.

In addition to motorcycle customization, Living This Bike Life expanded its product portfolio to include a range of products for bicycles, accessories, and merchandise. This expansion has positioned them as a reference in the industry and prompted a reevaluation of their business to ensure organization and efficiency within the company, setting the stage for a successful future.

And this is where Artik Grup came into play.

We worked on the DISCOVERY phase to identify the business needs, followed by the THINKING phase, where we determined the need to organize internal workflows and coordinate the different areas of the company. Finally, in the CREATE phase, we proposed the actions to be carried out.

Perhaps some members of the team would have enjoyed participating in a circuit with @livingthisbikelife, but our collaboration with them, while going smoothly, was focused on a different aspect altogether.

A la fase del DOING vàrem executar:

Creació d’un ERP al núvol per a la gestió de comandes, coordinació de la producció i facturació.

Implementació d’un mètode de concil·liació i control dels fluxes de caixa per a poder gestionar de forma eficient la tresoreria.

Automatització i integr

During the DOING phase, we executed the following tasks:

Creation of a cloud-based ERP system for order management, production coordination, and invoicing.

Implementation of a reconciliation and cash flow control method to efficiently manage treasury.

Automation and integration of the ERP system with their Shopify platform.

Development of a global sales strategy through Marketplaces, starting with actions on Amazon. We created and configured their Amazon Seller program and published their products on the platform.

It has been a pleasure working with this team!