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Servid Grup is the result of the union of the companies F2 Servid and J2 Servid, companies that are dedicated to industrial security packaging and the protection of goods during transport respectively.


F2 Servid is a leader in the Spanish market in the manufacture of BigBags and offers multiple storage solutions within Bulk Packaging for raw materials and the end of the production line.


J2 Servid is specialist in offering cargo protection and securing systems during transport by controlling the securing and environmental conditions inside maritime containers.


From a strategic perspective, we focused on strengthening the presence of two brands through co-branding strategies at industry fairs, the creation of consistent naming of categories, products and services and the implementation of new commercial management models.
This was combined with a global communication strategy and the intensive use of email marketing, with the aim of positioning the project globally, increasing the connection with customers in a personalized way and driving sales growth, adapting to market changes and leading brands at the forefront of technological and graphic evolution.



A new identity was created keeping the identity at the chromatic level and we moved  to new square shapes to create a more powerful and sober identity.
We created all the products in CGI format and generated animations for the packaging and fastening systems. All product catalogs were designed and laid out.
We also created new digital ecosystems such as websites, landing pages, social profiles and all content marketing for a new style of global communication.



At the Innovation level, a new commercial management CRM was implemented and complemented that integrated Social Media campaigns, Pay per Click, Email Marketing and Fairs, providing more effective data management and consistent communication across all platforms. At the same time, a new organic positioning strategy was devised to optimize SEO results, thus improving the brands’ online visibility and ensuring prominent positions in search results. This combination of strategies strengthened the presence in the sector and significantly increased the attraction of potential customers.