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New Corporate Image



Collbaix is a company with a long and successful trajectory in the construction sector. Their activity focuses, basically, on the manufacturing of rolling doors and access systems. They specialize in the design, manufacturing, and installation of rolling doors, automatic glass doors, and high-security doors. They carry out customized projects for both B2B and B2C clients, including residential doors, and they are present in over 15 countries worldwide.


When Collbaix entrusted us with their new corporate image, the objective was to transition from being manufacturers of rolling doors to defining and positioning themselves as a company that provides technical advice and leverages their know-how to develop any type of access solution. There was also a need to explore new markets and prioritize growing the brand internationally.


The main challenge was to develop a new image without completely disconnecting from the previous one, reducing the graphical elements of the logo, and emphasizing the technical and technological perception of Collbaix’s overall image.


The decision was made to personalize a Unicase typography while maintaining the previous forms. For the emblem, the original idea of a rolling shutter with the sun was preserved, and the concept of security was introduced by incorporating the shape of a padlock or security lock.