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3ARM – tecnospiro machine tools

3ARM – Tecnospiro Machine Tools


3ARM is a brand of Tecnospiro Machine Tools, a company dedicated to the manufacturing of ergonomic articulated arms for the industry. It is a global leader in the sector and exports its products worldwide.


This project presented the challenge of creating a corporate website to showcase Tecnospiro Machine Tools’ engineering expertise and manufacturing capabilities, while also presenting the full range of products under the 3ARM brand.


A new website with more than 20 languages was designed and programmed with an exclusive section for customers where they can access the manuals and technical sheets of their products, a showroom with restricted access and an internal configurator/quoter was integrated as a SAAS service by the distributors that the brand has all over the world.


We recorded and edited a corporate video and it was used in the main website as a video background.

All their products were textured, rendered and animated in 3D CGI format to present the functionalities and features to achieve a technological perception of the 3ARM brand.